Another nightmare

I guess this is also the age of nightmares? 

This morning Bosh woke up in a tantrum… He was actually crying and screaming, “No!!! I don’t want to go home yet! I want to play!” It was obviously so real to him that he woke up angry (yet again).  He demanded we stay a “little bit more” while also kicking and pushing us out of bed. 

I found it strange that it took him a really long time to realize we were all in our bed. I mean how long do you stay disoriented before you realize you’re in your own bed? 


One thought on “Another nightmare

  1. Poor little bosh! He just wants to play a little bit longer mummy! I guess we all face this in reality. If only time could stand still and time didnt pass so darn fast. Hopong he has happy dreams for u tonight😊


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