You can lose yourself, just make sure you find it

I’ve been meaning to write, but it seems I have so much going on in my little neurotic head that I really don’t know what to write about! It’s like a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! Go figure. So there is my small business that I am working on, though nothing exciting just yet, because I’ve hit a few road blocks. I didn’t really think things through when I decided to embark on this endeavour. My greatest flaw and greatest blessing is my impulsive personality. When I decide I want something, I pretty much dive straight in without too much thought. Although it has gotten me into trouble one too many times to recall, I have many tales of adventure that would truly blow your mind (so I think). I’m the person that does first and thinks later. The person that skips the research and sometimes the planning altogether. I am that stupid friend that goes along with anything. Yep. Stupid. 

As I lay here next to my sleeping beauties, yes, we co-sleep with our children, I decided that I was just going to write and see what comes. So I guess the topic for this post will be about my journey to a small start-up shop. I have been wanting to sell online for a while, but I could never decide on what to sell. That’s probably the most familiar problem with mumpreneurs. The other thing is, anything I want to sell is already so readily available for pennies (familiar problem for ALL of us), but it was a recurring theme. So on my 35th birthday I tuned out my Tweedledum and Tweedledee and decided I was going to do something. In the following weeks, I started setting up all my social media accounts (including this blog) under my prospective name. I applied for a business number, bought a web domain, applied for a business bank account and credit card, the whole nine yards. It was a bit tricky because when asked about my assets and collateral possession, I had nothing. Not even ‘money in the bank’ (in Nicky Minaj voice). Quite honestly I felt pathetic and lonely. Here I am, always preaching about being an independent woman and keeping your sense of self a priority, totally selling out. I am my own biggest hypocrite! 

While I have a great hubby who looks after us, I realized that I have done little for myself since moving here (Australia). Caught up in this love story I created in my head and living the sensational title of housewife. Yep. So exciting. Wake up, drink coffee, and off I go cleaning, feeding and entertaining the little humans and putting them back to sleep. Except I am so far from being a domestic goddess! I was not made to be a homemaker! My cooking is substandard, thanks to YouTube it’s a little more edible now. I hate cleaning. I especially hate ironing. I hate being told to do anything. It’s a crying wonder I am even married! I got really lucky with him, I know. Anyways that’s not the point. The point is, I have done little for myself and maybe you guessed it, I have lost a little me somewhere. So as I sat across from my bank account manager with my 2-page business plan (maybe 3 pages) I was put on the spot. When I say business plan, I actually mean only an outline of it. A draft of the draft. Ta-da! Impulsive personality takes a bow. I told you. Very little thought. Anyway, while she processed my application for all these things, I was left thinking, I really need to pull my finger out of my bum bum and get my sheepy sheep together. 

Not sure how to keep this story short but I got approved for everything I applied for. Then it was time to source my goodies and teach myself to do my own website (why-oh-why). And that is where I am now. As a non-technical person, it may have been wiser to outsource that, but I thought my brain needed a little jog. I took it for a sprint… And as far as sourcing products go, I have had sooooo many issues. As manufacturers go, I have no buying power for the 1000+ quantity in exchange for cheaper prices. As a result, I will be making some things myself. Handmade with love. Yay!!! I would like to do a vlog soon about the hiccups and road blocks on my YouTube channel GoMummyBubby (yes, I also started a YouTube Channel recently) to highlight the mistakes I made and hopefully save you if you’re thinking to embark on a similar avenue. This journey has been a rollercoaster of sorts but it has also given me a bit of life back. Not that my children don’t do it for me, because they give me life alright. It’s that I am making spontaneous decisions again and following my gut and that alone feels fabulous. I don’t plan on getting rich as this industry is far and wide full of great competition, but I intend on getting myself back.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost yourself somewhere?


One thought on “You can lose yourself, just make sure you find it

  1. Full time mummy is like having 2 full time jobs! You have now added another. Go with your gut, the road blocks will soon fade and there will be nothing stopping you. Gomummybubby sure is catchy. I say support small businesses, there are enough giants out there. Support the small businesses that support their families. GOMUMMYBUBBY..lets all support this yummy mummy😁


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